(Why) we need more (speech writers) training

The issue is communication.
I received an email this morning, the message was repeating itself: we have communication issue. We have to communicate this message after another, lots of explaining to do. The accelerated release of information is a concern of everyone in this business. we have to consider how the message will play in the press, also in the social media. While PRs and press relations officer has to remain an honest source for community (for the press).

So we craft the message and we deliver it with minimum bias possible, answer every question possible, explain the little details, hoping in some point we can reach a mutual understanding, and receiving generous feedback.
Like all communication issue was all about.

This job require a frontline mentality that sometimes my colleague in the rear echelon don’t understand. While we are fighting all skepticism and lack of trust from — plenty of people — unfortunately these peeps mostly opinion leaders — the crowd in higher grounds doesn’t seem very supportive.

That we need a specific training.

A program to set a communication team, speech writers to craft the message, PRs to deliver the message, a package of highly talented people who manage how a a message will play in the world of free media. We are months away from election time. This job would only getting tougher.

We need that specific training to be implemented real soon. Sometimes I just don’t know how to convince you. That it’s not about what I want, but it’s about what we need.. What is good for the country. Practically it’s for you and me.

There’s a kind of loneliness of this job. We all know how it feels to stand out there with all those bullets flying 🙂 .

All we need now is your support. I would humbly said, it has and never been about me.. It’s all about us, that we owe our society to provide a clear information, two way communication, and we might never reach that point.. Not without your support^^


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