Kisah sandal jepit

a week ago, a lecturer received unsatisfactory service from an immigration office, since he was behaving unproperly by wearing thong. He dressed casually, yes it was thong the sandal, not the other thong, he’s a lecturer – not superman 😀

the comments was vary, some blamed him, some blamed the immigration office even the under-secretary said:’let’s focus on graft’ or in other words : let’s focus on something more important. 🙂

I humbly disagree.

In public service, there’s nothing more important than service itself. Service for our stakeholders, the country and the people. the people here refers to everyone, every Indonesian. Why outer appearance could be more important than service?

Wise man said you can’t judge a book by its cover.

I like to highlight one comment asking if it’s okay to attend classes wearing thong? Why compare? If you’re a student, you should know better. I think it’s okay to wear thong if you are an art student, but it’s not okay if you’re a law student, since in campus life, there are ethics and boundaries that you should not crossed.

However, in public service, it becomes unethical if we alienated people by what they’re wearing. Equality is not a jargon it’s a way of how the service works-especially in public service.

I learn in other countries for safety reason, body check includes bare feet checking :).. At least they have strong reason to do that. How about our immigration office, do they have strong reason?


I’m proud of Ombudsman, as we’re receiving reports from complainants without discrimination, no matter what they wear. Even a pair of thong. Because that is public service.





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