what i learn from Aaron Sorkin

The public’s used to seeing me confronting an adversarial press, and there’s a misconception that i’m here to stymie reporters or to mislead the public, to spin or even hide the truth when in fact any good press secretary (humas ? *ehmm) aims to do just the opposite .

i see my job as making sure the press, and through them, the public is well informed.

i tell them the truth.

The accelerated release of information is a concern of everyone in today’s house. They all have to consider how the message will play in the press. There have been times in order to do a job and to remain an honest source to the reporters, if we were to have information, we would be ethically bound to share it.

It is a tough job, and it’s only getting tougher. We all know, how it’s feel like to stand there taking those bullets, shrapnel’s flying while the rest of the boss’ staff is back in the bunker safe and sound where they should be.

(CJ Gregg — Aaron Sorkin)


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